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Taragh Bracken Is Not A Psychologist—She Is A Lawyer

You’ve grown up to think of yourself in the stark white ballgown, walking up the aisle to meet the love of your life as tears glisten down your bridesmaids’ cheeks. Then one day, fast-forward three years later and you feel like you could pull your hair out every time you walk into your home to meet your husband. It seems as though all you do is fight and bad talk each other. He has a completely different idea of fun than you—one that consists of only working away your life on a computer screen instead of taking breathers to enjoy the great outdoors and run away with the wind. Your lives are spinning out in parallels.


Having the Divorce Talk With Kids

Next thing you know, you both are seated in front of each other with the intermediary of a lawyer, the best in town by the name of Taragh Bracken, to keep you from ripping each other apart. You have kids, and custody will be even more difficult now that it is settled. You are getting a divorce and you cannot even imagine how you’ll both fathom seating your two children and telling them about the predicament that you’ve come to. How will this shape your children’s future? Will this sad story of divorce cause them to get into drugs or alcohol at an early age, thus neglecting their studies and worldly ambitions? It’s been too long that you’ve tried to keep the relationship going. Enough of the excuses. Your kids can tell through the veneer that you both are unhappy.


A Ghost of A Self-Esteem

Perhaps you used to walk down the streets with your Louboutin red heels, feeling like a million bucks because you had the prince-worthy husband that you’ve always dreamt of and you’ve continued to score great promotions in your career. Now that you have settled your divorce it’s as if the thought is plastered all over your forehead. You look for validation in your friends, new men that you meet at the local bar, and even your attorney Taragh Bracken, whom—let’s face it—sometimes has to act as a psychologist working as the renowned family doctor.


Don’t Rely on The Lawyer

While it’s sweet that you have made practically a friend out of your lawyer, telling them your humiliations and every little secret, they cannot continue to act as a psychologist unless you want to go broke every time you spend an hour with them (which sometimes can cost four times the amount of a shrink!). Stop saying you are ok, and actually reach out for the proper resources that will help you feel better about yourself. Find yourself a psychologist who you can regularly meet with (weekly is suggested)—somewhere near your work—and subscribe to an anonymous online forum where you can interact with others going through the same thing. Also, don’t neglect your family and friends’ support. They are also there to be your backbone. uautonoma

Stomp Uncertainty Through Brad Roemer’s Approved Spiritual Guide

Are you in a slump? Do you feel lost with your life, uncertain about what you want to do down the road? There are tons of self-help motivational speakers out there to help you. From the likes of Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins, you can learn the tricks that will make you feel a little bit better about your self-esteem. Sometimes even stories about how others have overcome tough transitional periods can drive you to a revered awakening.


Roemer’s Journey Seeking Spiritual Guidance

For instance, Brad Roemer, the top Oakland realtor, went through his fair share of upheavals. After graduate school, he knew he wanted to be a realtor but didn’t see the clear path that would lead him to becoming his own boss eventually. He had that passion for realtor-client relations but knew that he wasn’t yet ready to go on his own wings. After multiple years working as an agent for a large corporation, he was gifted with the Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass, where he learnt about trusting the universe fully in order to overcome the obstacles that were keeping him down.


Having A Strong Relationship With The Universe

What Gabby Bernstein taught Roemer was the faith that one has in the Universe or any higher good should not be choosey as a habit. It must be a consistent faith and commitment that no matter what your goals may be, that desire to accomplish them will come into your life as quickly as the speed of light. One must accept that there’s a greater presence than yourself that is supporting your success. If you’re ready to accept this, then you should shout it out loud and be certain that the path is on its way.


Make Meditation A Regular Routine

The next step is feeling the presence of love in and around you by meditating every day. If this is too much for you as it was at first for Roemer, then start with five minutes every day. Through this time, sit cross-legged on a meditation pillow surrounded by crystals. Tap into feeling complete joy in every blood vessel in your body. To connect to the universe, you must feel joy through hobbies and activities that excite you. If that means selling real estate properties to eager clients, then that’s what you need to do on your own terms. If you absolutely enjoy gardening and landscaping your backyard, then that’s something that you should do for yourself every day. Don’t deprive yourself of these lovely acts of joy.


Kevin Sheehan, Renowned Cruise Line Ceo Shares His Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

So you want to start a business, how do you go about it? They say most entrepreneurs fail. It’s true that they do and there are many reasons for it. However, we can attribute many of those reasons to a lack of knowledge that most entrepreneurs have when they make their business decisions. We took the time to speak with Kevin Sheehan, an industry leading CEO in the cruise line business and asked him about his advice for up and coming entrepreneurs. Here’s what he had to say.


Don’t be a Copy Cat


One of the main things that stand out about this country’s rich history is the oil boom of the late 1800s – early 1900s, everyone was after oil, and sure, we got Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and a few others, but while he was a very successful pioneer, many many other people lost a lot of money trying to pursue the oil business. The very same thing hapes time and time again in different industries. Think of the housing crises in the 80’s and the 2000’s, and the 2001 Dot-com bubble. Not all that glitters is gold. If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur, stop being a sheep and abandon the herd.


Ideas are cheap, execution is key


Businesses like Amazon exist only because they were the first to market. If you tried to do that today you will fail because you have this giant to compete against, as well as because you aren’t the only one with that idea. Millions of people are desperately trying to do the same with their businesses. Now if you go into a niche that is hard to get into, like aerospace, but it doesn’t have to be that complex, you will face less competition. That doesn’t automatically mean you will succeed, though, you have to do it right. In other words, ideas a cheap, execution is key. The other thing is you don’t have to have a completely fresh idea, you just have to address a particular need. I’m sure plenty of developers who work on hospital software would rather work on videogame design if it paid the same and was as stable…but one market is saturated and requires a lot of innovation to break through and the other is more straight-forward (though not without its own unique challenges), guess which is which? So that’s my advice.

Top WordPress Templates for Your Handmade Goods

Etsy and Amazon Handmade are both great platforms to start your online shop for handmade goods. You can get creative and personalize your store…up to a point. But the biggest boon of these two platforms is that in the beginning, they let you access a large audience. But what do you do when you’ve started on these platforms and already somewhat grown your audience? What is the next step? Why start your own online shop of course! You can use your online shop to supplement your existing sales or even move everything to your online shop. Either way, it lets you grow your audience even more.


You can tediously code your website…but that’s no fun! Have a look at WordPress or Shopify, these platforms help you build a beautiful site more easily than the old-fashioned 90’s way. They’re easy to use and flexible, you start off with a template that you can customize every which way you want.


So which WordPress theme should you use?! Here are the top three.


Handy, the Handmade Shop theme


Handy is a really stylish theme (with a cute name!) that makes use of good design elements, a nice color palette, easy to use store functions and a friendly font choice. It has a four and half star review rating and really responsive support team if you need any help with it!


Handy also has an identical shopify theme, handy right?!


Marketify, the Elegant Shop Theme


If your handmade goods are very niche and classy (think jewelry) this is the site for you. Marketify is a classy theme with lots of handy features. It supports a lot of extensions and has a huge selection of pre-made templates. With Marketify, you can create a marketplace that just sells photographs, fonts, just one thing or many things. See where we’re going? You can build itthe way you want and it will look really classy!


The “Handmade Responsive Shopify” Theme


This one doesn’t have the most creative name but it sure looks good.

This theme is very modern and sleek. It spaces out all the items on the page and has a handy menu on the left side. It’s designed around bright colors with the intention of making the customer feel joy. It also looks great on phones and has a full 5-star review rating by its users. It’s also a great marketing tool since it has a handy mailchimp newsletter signup pop-up feature built-in. So you can use it to send newsletters to your favorite customers.


Your favorite design didn’t make our list? Don’t worry! Here is a handy list of themes designed around handmade goods.

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