Stomp Uncertainty Through Brad Roemer’s Approved Spiritual Guide

Are you in a slump? Do you feel lost with your life, uncertain about what you want to do down the road? There are tons of self-help motivational speakers out there to help you. From the likes of Gabby Bernstein and Tony Robbins, you can learn the tricks that will make you feel a little bit better about your self-esteem. Sometimes even stories about how others have overcome tough transitional periods can drive you to a revered awakening.


Roemer’s Journey Seeking Spiritual Guidance

For instance, Brad Roemer, the top Oakland realtor, went through his fair share of upheavals. After graduate school, he knew he wanted to be a realtor but didn’t see the clear path that would lead him to becoming his own boss eventually. He had that passion for realtor-client relations but knew that he wasn’t yet ready to go on his own wings. After multiple years working as an agent for a large corporation, he was gifted with the Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass, where he learnt about trusting the universe fully in order to overcome the obstacles that were keeping him down.


Having A Strong Relationship With The Universe

What Gabby Bernstein taught Roemer was the faith that one has in the Universe or any higher good should not be choosey as a habit. It must be a consistent faith and commitment that no matter what your goals may be, that desire to accomplish them will come into your life as quickly as the speed of light. One must accept that there’s a greater presence than yourself that is supporting your success. If you’re ready to accept this, then you should shout it out loud and be certain that the path is on its way.


Make Meditation A Regular Routine

The next step is feeling the presence of love in and around you by meditating every day. If this is too much for you as it was at first for Roemer, then start with five minutes every day. Through this time, sit cross-legged on a meditation pillow surrounded by crystals. Tap into feeling complete joy in every blood vessel in your body. To connect to the universe, you must feel joy through hobbies and activities that excite you. If that means selling real estate properties to eager clients, then that’s what you need to do on your own terms. If you absolutely enjoy gardening and landscaping your backyard, then that’s something that you should do for yourself every day. Don’t deprive yourself of these lovely acts of joy.


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