Top WordPress Templates for Your Handmade Goods

Etsy and Amazon Handmade are both great platforms to start your online shop for handmade goods. You can get creative and personalize your store…up to a point. But the biggest boon of these two platforms is that in the beginning, they let you access a large audience. But what do you do when you’ve started on these platforms and already somewhat grown your audience? What is the next step? Why start your own online shop of course! You can use your online shop to supplement your existing sales or even move everything to your online shop. Either way, it lets you grow your audience even more.


You can tediously code your website…but that’s no fun! Have a look at WordPress or Shopify, these platforms help you build a beautiful site more easily than the old-fashioned 90’s way. They’re easy to use and flexible, you start off with a template that you can customize every which way you want.


So which WordPress theme should you use?! Here are the top three.


Handy, the Handmade Shop theme


Handy is a really stylish theme (with a cute name!) that makes use of good design elements, a nice color palette, easy to use store functions and a friendly font choice. It has a four and half star review rating and really responsive support team if you need any help with it!


Handy also has an identical shopify theme, handy right?!


Marketify, the Elegant Shop Theme


If your handmade goods are very niche and classy (think jewelry) this is the site for you. Marketify is a classy theme with lots of handy features. It supports a lot of extensions and has a huge selection of pre-made templates. With Marketify, you can create a marketplace that just sells photographs, fonts, just one thing or many things. See where we’re going? You can build itthe way you want and it will look really classy!


The “Handmade Responsive Shopify” Theme


This one doesn’t have the most creative name but it sure looks good.

This theme is very modern and sleek. It spaces out all the items on the page and has a handy menu on the left side. It’s designed around bright colors with the intention of making the customer feel joy. It also looks great on phones and has a full 5-star review rating by its users. It’s also a great marketing tool since it has a handy mailchimp newsletter signup pop-up feature built-in. So you can use it to send newsletters to your favorite customers.


Your favorite design didn’t make our list? Don’t worry! Here is a handy list of themes designed around handmade goods.

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